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Want to know how our solution can improve the experience of your customers and automate the offer and management of products and investment portfolios of your Financial Institution?

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as a Service

Enhance the experience of

your customers, increase the

value of assets under

management and simplify

the journey to new investors.

Supply and management of investment products and portfolios
automated and parameterized form for
its Financial Institution.

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    Customize your financial services

    Offer and parameterized management of investment products and portfolios, based on the strategy of the Financial Institution, in the profile of customers and products available.

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    Strategic data about your business

    Strategic data to increase the equity under management, attract new clients and improve their experience in the acquisition of investment products./

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    Artificial Intelligence in your favor

    Use IA to provide the best investment options for your clients' portfolio, increasing assertiveness and improving risk management and operational performance.

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    Automatic and intelligent management

    Increase the degree of assertiveness, risk management, operational performance improvement and customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence

in favor of its investment


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About us

Founded in 2014, our purpose is to democratize the distribution of investment products and portfolios, providing solutions especially for Financial Institutions.

We believe that improvements in the relationship with your customers are continuous and this is reflected in our relationship proposal. We create solutions for your customers' needs and make this solution available in the usable license format in the cloud via the API.

In this way we are available for improvements and adaptations that are necessary so that you are always updated with the needs and expectations of your customers.

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Developed for Banks, Securities Brokers, Managers and Autonomous Investment Agents.

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